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We're receiving several requests asking what's the situation in Vernazza regarding the progress of the reconstruction and the available touristic services. Having a look at the previous posts with tagged "alluvione" one can see the amazing progress carried on by the population, the administration and the volounteers. In just 6 months these extraordinary efforts have taken Vernazza
  • from this: ( first week of november 2011)
  • through this ( January 2012)
  • to this ( April 2012)
So now Vernazza is ready to host tourist, already present during Easter week, despite of the bad weather condition of this cold spring. According with the website, during next week many accommodations and restaurant will re-open and we hope to see lots of tourists coming back:

your presence is a concrete help for a complete recovery. Thanks for visiting Cinque Terre

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Name Opening Date
5Terre Casanova OPEN
A Ca’ Da Nonna May 1
Affittacamere Ingrid & Antonio will not reopen this season
Affittacamere Lia May 1
Alessandro Carro May 1
Albergo Barbara OPEN
Armanda Affittacamere OPEN
B&B e Camere Solemagia OPEN
B&B Ettore & Irene May 1
B&B Francesca May 1
Camere Elisabetta OPEN
Camere Fontanavecchia May 1 (in new location)
Camere Giuliano Basso unable to reopen this season
Camere Manuela Moggia May 1
Camere Nicolina OPEN
Camere Rosa Vitali June 1
Camere Vittoria June 1
Casa Vacanze Emanuela uncertain, please contact
Eva’s Rooms May 1
Francamaria Rooms OPEN
Il Pirata Rooms uncertain, please contact
Ivo Camere May 1
La Mala OPEN
La Marina Rooms May 1
Maria Capellini Rooms May 1
Memo Rooms uncertain, please contact
Rooms La Torre OPEN
Rooms Martina Callo May 1
Pensione Sorriso uncertain, please contact
Taverna del Capitano Rooms May 1
Tonino Basso Affittacamere uncertain, please contact
Trattoria Gianni Franzi June 1
Vernazza Rooms OPEN
Name Opening Date
Ananasso Bar mid-late May
Bati Bati No. 1 uncertain
Bati Bati No. 2 May
Blue Marlin Bar May
Burgus Bar May
Antica Osteria Il Baretto May
Il Pirata delle Cinque Terre uncertain
Pizzeria Ercole June
Pizzeria Fratelli Basso late May, early June
Pizzeria Baia Saracena OPEN (closed Fridays)
Ristorante Belforte OPEN (closed Tuesdays)
Ristorante Gambero Rosso OPEN (closed Mondays)
Trattoria Gianni Franzi June
Ristorante Al Castello will not reopen this season
Ristorante La Torre OPEN Lunch: by reservation
Ristorante Incadase da Piva OPEN
Ristorante Pizzeria Vulnetia OPEN (closed Thursdays)
Trattoria Taverna del Capitano OPEN (closed Tuesdays)
Trattoria da Sandro June
Name Opening Date
Coop Market will not reopen this season
Gelateria Il Porticciolo OPEN
Gelateria Stalin May
Il Forno (Bakery) June
Porto Dody Gelateria Artigianale June
Pino & Sonia’s Alimentari (Market) May
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