Rick Steves across the Cinque Terre (video)

It was very nice and surprising  for me to find this video on youtube...suddently I thought : That's a good chanche to talk a bit of Mr. Rick Steves and focus on what he does actually mean for the Cinque Terre... Maybe not many people know... but we (touristic operators of the 5 Terre area ) must be very much grateful to him since, not only in my opinion, he's been the main reason of Cinque Terre's popularity in the USA and all around the world. We're used to listen local media tributing to the National Park (formally established in 1999 and effectively in 2002) the 100% of thanks for that but this is mainly "propaganda"..I know I'll be accused of partizanism (or better anti-partizasism!) but that's just the truth. The story: Around 1995 Mr. Rick Steves came into these lands and since the first moment he felt in love with this lanscape, espetially Vernazza . From there on, he started to spend beautiful words on his guides, (and these words were and hopefully still are ...again just the truth!..) and after the editions of "Rick Steve's Italy" 1997 and 1998 .. we were plenty of tourists from USA, also in the other villages that were almost unknown to the tourist's mass and I'm talking about Manarola, Riomaggiore and Corniglia , this last having its mediatic prominence in this video.. From there on, tourists from USA  were the "gold mine" of these lands, at least until the "euro revolution" of 2002 and even more until the recent global recession...But they were more! They were also speakers of the beauty of our towns to the rest of the world and we want to thanks them..and incourage them to return back soon! So now the video: Andrea Somovigo manager www.cinqueterre.com [ad#bottom-post]
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