Buy PiXELS and help Vernazza

Among other initiatives to raise funds for the reconstruction of Vernazza, flooded on Oct. 25th 2011, we want to report a new site that has developed a good idea to tempt people to make a donation:

"Buy VIRTUAL pixels, help REAL people"

That's the clear and effective motto of the site. Starting at just 25 Euro for a block of 10 x 10 pixels you can buy a piece of a Vernazza's  picture and contribute to a real project of reconstruction. The concept is to trasform the purchase of a VIRTUAL block of pixels into a REAL donation for REAL help to rebuild Vernazza and make it looking as it was The flooded Vernazza will be covered by the new picture, point by point, while people buy the pixels, bringing back Vernazza to its beauty. At the same time the areas of pixels bought will become a permanent link to the website of the buyer, a nice and effective sponsorship. For a "Featured Sponsorship" with exposure of your BRAND/LOGO a minimum of 30x30 pixel area is requested. Enjoy it, this is a presentation video:
[ad] The funds are managed by the "Pubblica Assistenza Croce Bianca Riomaggiore ONLUS" a 'non- profit' org. located in Riomaggiore  
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