Travel notes: La Spezia, Cinque Terre and surroundings - Special: a day at Pozzale (7)

Are you on vacation in Liguria? Do you love islands? Are you attracted to pristine landscapes? Do you like to explore unexpected corners? So, do not miss our post!

Imagine getting on a boat ... and in less than half an hour to be in a new world, in the middle of an almost wild nature. Is it possible? travel notes la spezia cinque terre and surroundings special day at pozzale 7 If you are on holiday in La Spezia, Cinque Terre and surroundings, the answer is yes!

Starting from the Morin Promenade, you will sail along the Gulf of the Poets and you will arrive at Pozzale, a place with few equals. We are sure about this, and you will see with your own eyes, after moving on board a scheduled ferry (active from 8 June to 9 September 2018 or with one of our transfers private sea (contact us for a quote to the email address:

In the heart of the archipelago of La Spezia, after admiring in the distance the breathtaking beauty of the Porto Venere's Channel, with the magnificent church of San Pietro on the horizon, you will go beyond the spectacular Torre Scola fortified cliff and finally you will discover the side less known of Palmaria. It is located on the eastern part of this island, World Heritage Site Unesco (with the rest of archipelago, Porto Venere and Cinque Terre) and it's not easy to describe this moony landscape made of rocks, small beaches, thick vegetation and more.

For you, who love travel and Liguria, we will try to do this, however.

The wind and the singing of the seagulls will welcome you in this wild area, which is in front of another of the islands: the Tino - military zone not accessible, except on the day of San Venerio, September the 13th -, which with its lighthouse guides all the sailors who have reached the borders of the Ligurian Sea. There are few signs of human presence here, and you don't have to expect an experience of pure comfort: except for the area of the Air Force, from which you can only go through some dirt roads, the only facility is the bar-restaurant overlooking the sea. The rest is pure nature. Lose yourself in the coves after the tip of the Mariella, which you can also reach walking by the path that starts from the Terrizzo: pebble beaches will accompany you in the sea, almost immediately deep, green and very transparent. travel notes la spezia cinque terre and surroundings special day at pozzale 7 Behind you, a luxuriant Mediterranean scrub: brooms, myrtles, cistus, shrubs and a long pinewood under which you can look for rest and shade during the hottest hours and - why not? - find a moment of relaxation; with the continuous chirping of cicadas, the natural soundtrack of your day, you will quickly sleep. In addition to the seagulls, you can get acquainted with other species such as the very rare tarantolino, a small gecko also present on the other islands of the archipelago, some raptors and goats, not autochthonous, but now widespread on Palmaria. travel notes la spezia cinque terre and surroundings special day at pozzale 7 After taking a bath - don't forget mask and snorkel: you will see seabeds full of life; bring your fins too, if you want to swim offshore, due the strong sea currents - take a nap and make a long walk, leaving last the most suggestive part: the visit to the abandoned quarry in front of the Tino. A show facing each other: on one side the green island, full of vegetation, on the other the "towers" of marble created by the work of man, who renders speachless the visitors (during the exploration, be careful and keep a safe distance) and in front of the remains of cranes used for the extraction and movement of stone blocks. The small white houses of the miners are also in ruins, witnessing a life and an activity that is now part of the past and whose presence makes this special stretch of coast known by few, even more fascinating, worth visiting. travel notes la spezia cinque terre and surroundings special day at pozzale 7 We are sure you will like it.

To bring with you: - Water - Hat - Towel - Sneakers or trekking shoes - Shoes to go on the pebble beach (i.e. flip-flops) - Swimsuit, mask and snorkel (fins for those who want to go off) - Camera - (if you don't want to eat at the restaurant-bar) sandwiches or packed lunches - Sunscreen

Recommendations: In this part of Palmaria Island, there are no particular dangers, but always be cautious at sea, paying particular attention to the sea currents, the boats in transit (only in a few beaches the limit of safe waters is reported) and to the dives, due to the irregular seabed. Attention also to the stones and the ground, sometimes rough.

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