The Cinque Terre Card.. is it truly worthy?

The Cinque Terre National Park, established in 1999, has set-up a fee for the usage of path number 2 Riomaggiore-Monterosso. This with the objective to collect funds necessary for the maintenance of the paths, which are often damaged by landslides.
To date ( May 2015) however, the situation is not good, particularly due to the closure of part of the path #2, including the “Via dell’Amore” which is open only for a short part from Manarola.
It’a widely shared opinion that the economical resources coming as revenues from the “5 Terre card” ARE NOT used in the best way on the territory for its maintenance and the solution of its critical issues.

Reading these information, let’s go deep in the Cinque Terre Card:


There are 2 types of card:

Cinque Terre Trekking Card
Cinque Terre Card Train ms ( multiservice )


The “5 Terre Trekking Card” allows:
-a access to all the Park’s paths and facilities;
-b access to the sustainable transport network within the Park;
-c access to all the nature observation points and “museums of territory”;
-d reduced admission fees to the civic museums of La Spezia;
-e access to the lifts for people with motor impairments, located in Manarola, Riomaggiore and Vernazza;

Daily “Cinque Terre Card” Adults: € 7.50
Daily “Cinque Terre Card” Reduced (children under 12): € 4.50
Daily “Cinque Terre Card” Family: €19.60
Daily “Cinque Terre Card” Reduced (over 70s): €6.00
Two Days “Cinque Terre Card” Adults: € 14.50
Two Days “Cinque Terre Card” Reduced (children under 12): € 7.20
Two Days “Cinque Terre Card” Reduced (over 70s): €10.00
Two Days “Cinque Terre Card” Family: €31.50
“Cinque Terre Card” for groups (up to 25 people): €120.00
“Cinque Terre Card” for tour guides: 5.00

a) access to all the Park’s paths: IT’S A WRONG INFORMATION: NO FEE IS NEEDED FOR MOST OF THE PATHS AND NO FEE IS NEEDED TO “ACCESS” ANY AREA OF THE PARK. Only the open parts of the path number 2 (to date may 2015) are subjected to the payment

b) Bus services internal in the villages, on limited itinerary single cost eur 1.50

c) “all the nature observation points” ->please ask the attendants before to,eventually, buy the card. It’s not clear to us where and which are these points

d) Discount ~ 30% on the tickets full price of ~ Eur 5.00


Included services:

  • All the services above
  • Unlimited travel in both directions, on second class local trains, between the stations of La Spezia and Levanto.


Daily “Cinque Terre Card Treno” Adults – valid for travel at any time of the day of validation until midnight:€ 12.00
Two Days “Cinque Terre Card Treno” Adults – valid for travel at any time until midnight of the day after validation: € 23.00
Daily “Cinque Terre Card Treno” Children from 4 to 12 years old – valid for travel at any time of the day of validation until midnight: € 7.30
Daily “Cinque Terre Card Treno” Over 70s – valid for travel at any time of the day of validation until midnight: € 9.70
Daily “Cinque Terre Card Treno” Family (2 adults + 2 children under 12) – valid for travel at any time of the day of validation until midnight: € 31.50


– Ask for precise and detailed information at the info offices ( loated by the train stations of the towns) before to buy the card.
– If you intend to visit the 5 Terre by train and you consider to buy the card for this scope, have in mind that to cover the cost of 12 euros you mus take at least 6 trains in a day! which is a very rare situation.
– There’re dozens of wonderful paths on which the TREKKING CARD does’nt apply AND SO THE’RE COMPLETELY FREE. You may ask to local guides authorized at trekking Cinque Terre and to the local shops and restaurants.
We’ll try to keep the path sistuation updated on this page »

Example of daily excursion:
– Train Monterosso-Manarola Eur 2.10
– Visit of the village, Trekking Manarola-Volastra-Corniglia ( stunning views, trails free of charge)
– For those who want to lighten the route possible bus Manarola- Volastra Eur 1.50.
– train back Corniglia-Monterosso Eur 2.10
Total cost Eur 4.20 ( 5.70 with the bus)

Official sheet of the National Park on the card 2014:


In case of bad weather or in case of maintenance, parts of the paths can be clodes, so ask for information on the practicability beofre to purchase the card.


To date (may 2015), the blue path is closed between Riomaggiore and Vernazza due to various landslides that severely damaged the path.
Notwithstanding the investments of the Park, almost certainly the path will remain closed for the entire touristic season 2015. As alternative to reach Corniglia we suggest the trail 6 Manarola->Volastra and 6/D Volastra->Corniglia total time 120 min. It’s a bit more challenging than the path #2 but it’s a spectacular itinerary with amazing views.

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  1. cinqueterre  |  

    The card cannot be purchased online at the moment, but it’s very easy to buy it in the train station in La Spezia info phone: [+39] 0187/743500 . the office is located just at the entrance

  2. DWcanadian  |  

    I’m planning to train from La Spezia to Monterosso and visit each of the remaining villages and return to La Spezia on the same day. I’m thinking of purchasing CT Card Multiservice ahead of time before arriving in La Spezia? If doable, which website to buy it online, can anyone help?

  3. Göran Andersson  |  

    Är den gamla leden mellan Riogiomario och Manarola öppen. Skall guida en grupp från Sverige på ca 30 personer. Jag vill veta om det går att nå Manarola över bergen på den ganla stigen.

    Göran Andersson

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