The blue path number 2: Corniglia - Vernazza

Corniglia - Cinque TerrePath n° 2 flanks the numerous vines of Corniglia, crosses the tarmac road to San Bernardino, proceeds towards the rustic Canal bridge, below which runs the Rio Groppo. After this there is a fork: The path which climbs up towards the right leads to the Case Fornacchi, while the n° 2 proceeds on the left, on flat ground, immersed in olive groves. The atmosphere is shadowy and the earth is covered by a lawn, where one can find numerous plants, among which some insect-catching species with a pungent smell. The path proceeds by crossing a hunch back bridge on the Canaletto, climbs up through the olive groves and gets to a Mediterranean bush area. At this point the mule track gets to the landslide of Guvano and the famous beach by the same name. From above one can see the large walls of containment built to protect the old railway line, the wave-breaking coastline and the canal works. The path continues its climb till it reaches the hamlet of Prevo but before reaching it one can find a path leading out of to San Bernardino. The path flanks houses that are literally hanging above the sea in clusters. Here one can take an alternative path, the 2/b, much more panoramic than the main path. It is a stairs that descends on the left in the olive groves beneath the village and proceeds along a terrace-supporting wall. If, on the other hand, one keeps to the main path one begins the descent towards Vernazza. At the end of a series of small stairs the path meets up with the 2/b path again. The path proceeds among the vines, the Mediterranean bush which overlooks Vernazza and meets up with path n° 7, which, on the right, climbs up to San Bernardino and La Cigoletta. One continues to descend flanking a cylindrical watchtower from medieval times. After two bends one reaches the village. The overall height difference of the path is 120 metres.

IMPORTANT: to walk on path 2 one has to pay a ticket. As alternative we suggest to purchase the “Cinque Terre Card

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