The path number 2: Vernazza - Monterosso

mescoIt is the most challenging stretch of the Sentiero Azzurro and indicated as 592-4 (SVA2). We must take Via Ettore Vernazza, exit the village and begin to climb towards the cemetery, which runs alongside. You pass over a bridge half hidden by vegetation and dry stone walls. The mule track is steeply uphill: you will soon reach a height of 150 meters on the Costa Mesorano terrace. From this moment on, it will continue, with a slight up and down, to the precipitous descent towards Monterosso. It runs along the terraces, where, among the dry stone walls, the wall lizard, one of the most widespread species, takes refuge. We enter the Mediterranean scrub that occupies some abandoned lands. The vegetation is very varied, there are the holm oak, the strawberry tree, the lentisk, the arboreal heather, the broom, the juniper. The mule track becomes narrower and the ground can become slippery. Caution. Go past the Molinaro stream and reach an equipped rest area. Heading into the Acquapendente valley, you pass a humpback bridge: we are at an altitude of 140 meters. Still a slight climb to overcome the last ridge, then the descent begins along an uncomfortable but safe concrete stairway, built on an ancient path that runs along the high walls of the gardens. We head towards Punta Corone where we see a large military bunker. Shortly after the path forks, a stretch reaches the town passing behind the town hall and arrives in Piazza Garibaldi, the other will follow the coast until you reach the promenade. Travel time: 2 hours Difficulty: Excursion Length: 3.6 km. The overall height difference of the trail is 280 meters.

ATTENTION: transit on path 2 is subject to the payment of a toll ticket. Alternatively we recommend the purchase of the "Cinque Terre Card"



with Ease

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