The path number 1 of the Cinque Terre: "Alta via dei Monti Liguri"

alta via delle cinque terreIt is also known as "Alta via delle Cinque Terre" and corresponds to path n. 1 of the CAI of La Spezia: a pedestrian itinerary that starts from Portovenere and ends in Levanto. Start at zero altitude above sea level (Portovenere) rises in altitude up to 800 m. to then descend to zero (Levanto). It is about 40 km long and takes 10-11 hours to cover it. A challenging course, but accessible to all. While following the ridge, in fact, it never touches the peaks so as not to force strenuous ups and downs, it passes over all the saddles and avoids the spikes, going around from the side, usually to the sea. Precisely because of this characteristic, some stretches have been incorporated into cart roads and paved roads. Taking the route in one day is recommended for the most trained walkers, better to make stops. It is possible to stay overnight along the way in Campiglia, at the Colle del Telegrafo, at the farm in Pavi, at the sanctuary of Nostra Signore di Soviore and at Colle di Gritta, while you can eat at the shrine of Nostra Signora di Montenero. The overall height difference is about 1300 m .. Usually it is divided into six stages although there may be several variations, thanks to the many communication routes that reach the path.

The sign is white-red. It is a moderately demanding path, comparable to a medium mountain trail; it must therefore be addressed with the right clothing and the right amount of concentration. Last consideration: the path is described starting from Portovenere, it is nevertheless advisable to follow it from Levanto, given the greater sweetness of the ascent from that side.



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