The path number 1 of the Cinque Terre: "Alta via dei Monti Liguri"

alta via delle cinque terreThis is known as the Cinque Terre’s High Road or La Spezia’s C.A.I.’s n°1 path: a footpath that begins in Portovenere and ends in Levanto. It begins at sea level (Portovenere) and reaches a height of 800 metres to then descend again to sea level (Levanto). It is forty or so kilometres long and one needs ten hours to complete it and, though it is tiring, anybody can do it. By following the ridge one never reaches the summits so there are no difficult climbs and descents, only gentle slopes, which look over the sea. Because of this, some stretches are made up of dirt tracks and tarmac roads. Only experienced trekkers should attempt to complete the walk in one day, the others are advised to programme stops along the way. It is possible to sleep overnight at Campiglia, at Colle del Telegrafo, at the farmhouse in the Pavi locality, at the Nostra Signora di Soviore Sanctuary and at the Colle di Gritta, while you can eat at the Nostra Signora di Montenero Sanctuary. The overall height difference is about 1,300 metres. The walk is usually split into six legs even though there are numerous alternatives thanks to the many paths that cross or spin off the main path, which is marked by a white stripe and a red stripe. It’s considerable a light mountain path, thus one must wear trekking shoes and sportswear; also it must be taken with the right attention.
Last note: the path is described starting from Portovenere; however it’s recommendable to take it from Levanto, since from this side the ascent is slightly smoother.

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