The blue path n. 2: Manarola - Corniglia

Attention: the Manarola-Corniglia section of the Sentiero Azzurro is closed due to landslides. See footnotes

palaedoTo resume trail 592-2 (SVA2), go to the Marina di Manarola. Here are two possibilities, depending on the time available. Those who are not in a hurry can take the "Birolli" walk to the Palaedo, named after the ancient landing place. It is a stretch of 250 meters built in 1968 by the young people of Manarola, which runs around the Punta Bonfiglio. Recently on its summit, volunteers from the village have created a playground and a bowling green. Otherwise climb up the slope that leads to the cemetery of Manarola, where some lines of Cardarelli have been written on its walls in large letters: "O churches of Liguria, like ships / willing to be launched! / O open to the winds and at the waves / ligurian cemeteries! ". Shortly after the cemetery we come to the first crossroads, where there is a chapel of the Madonna dating back to 1860. The path that climbs to the right leads to the hamlet of Volastra passing through Poggio Le Croci. Keeping the left side, sea side, you continue the path that is now practically flat. In this very first stretch of the thick path there is the holm oak, whereas in the partially abandoned terraced vineyards the arboreal euphorbia grows, which loses its leaves in summer when it goes to rest. the height of thirty meters, the artificial beach of Corniglia formed during the construction of the old railway.

Il sentiero azzurro - manarolaThe abandoned terraces have been invaded by brambles and the eyes are nested in a shrill song, similar to the blackcap but with a dark spot that reaches the eye circled in red. Before arriving at the Corniglia railway station, you reach an embankment where, until the sixties, the railway passed by a railway line. You are in the Dry Valley, but, despite its name, you will find two fountains. After crossing the canal, you will go along Corniglia beach and you will be at the station. The last challenging stretch awaits you: the 377 steps of the Lardarina staircase that will take you to the village, 90 meters above sea level. The overall height difference of the path is 120 meters. To date (2019), the blue path is closed between Riomaggiore and Vernazza due to numerous landslides that have seriously damaged the path. The path will remain closed for the entire tourist season 2019. As an alternative trekking route to reach Corniglia we recommend the Manarola route -> Volastra on path 506 (ex 6) and Volastra-> Corniglia on 586 (former 6 / D) and 587 (ex n. 7A). This is a very beautiful path that allows you to reach Corniglia (which, we recall, is located in an elevated position with respect to the sea) already at a height without having to climb the 377 steps of the Lardarina stairway that you have to travel coming from below; the total travel time is 120 minutes. Wanting to alleviate the path, you can take the bus from Manarola to Volastra, thus saving the most challenging stretch of the climb.

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