The blue path # 2: Manarola - Corniglia


WARNING: the part of the Blue Path between Manarola and Corniglia is closed due to several landslides that severely damaged it. See note at the bottom of the page

In order to take the path n°2 one must go to Manarola’s Marina, where there are two alternatives dependingpalaedo  on how much time one has at one’s disposal.  Those who are not in a hurry can take the “Birolli” walk, which takes one to the Palaedo, the name of the ancient landing site. It is 250 metres long, bends round Punta Bonfiglio and was built in 1968 by Manarola’s youth. At its summit, volunteers have built a playground and a bowls pitch. The alternative is to walk up to Manarola’s cemetery, whose walls bear the following quote from Cardarelli: ” Oh Ligurian churches, like ships/ ready to be launched!/or enduring wind and rough seas/ ligurian cemeteries!”.

Il sentiero azzurro - manarola

Short walk along the blue path -variant Manarola – with beautiful panoramic views

After the cemetery one comes to a fork, where there is a tiny chapel to the Madonna dating back to 1860. The path, which climbs up to, the right takes one to the locality of Volastra passing by the Poggio Le Croci. If one keeps the left, the sea-facing side, one comes across tropical plants, which indicates, among other things, that in prehistoric times the area had a tropical climate.

The last stretch of the path overlooks the artificial beach, created during the building works on the railway tunnel. Before getting to Corniglia’s railway station one reaches an area where, until the Sixties, there passed a one-track railway. You are in the ‘Valle Asciutta’, but, as if to disprove the name (‘asciutta’ means ‘dry’) you will find two fountains. Once you have crossed the canal, walking besides the beach, you will get to the station. The last tiring leg awaits you: 377 steps of the ‘Lardarina’ stairs will lead you to the village, 90 metres above the sea. The overall height difference of the path is 120 metres.



To date (2019),the blue path is closed between Riomaggiore and Vernazza due to various landslides that severely damaged the path.
Notwithstanding the investments of the Park, almost certainly the path will remain closed for the entire touristic season 2019. As alternative to reach Corniglia we suggest the trail 6 Manarola->Volastra and 6/D Volastra->Corniglia total time 120 min. It’s a bit more challenging than the path #2 but it’s a spectacular itinerary with amazing views.


IMPORTANT: to walk on path 2 one has to pay a ticket. As alternative we suggest to purchase the “Cinque Terre Card


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