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Attention: the Via dell’Amore is closed due to several landslides that severely damaged it. See note at the bottom of the page

This is the famous ‘Via dell’Amore‘. This path (number 2) starts near the railway station. On your left, as you exit the station, there is a flight of stairs and the ramp for those disabled. After a few steps one overlooks the rock-face plunging into the sea.  Along the path one can admire various types of sandstones and wild vegetation such as the agaves, pitosforo, the prickly pear cacti, and the Hottentots (Carpobrotus acinaciformis, originally from South Africa), which have all adapted well to the proximity of the sea. While further up the hill the classic Mediterranean bush covers the rocks. The flight of seagulls and martins accompanies you on your walk. The last leg of the path is below terraced vineyards and overlooks Manarola’s railway station. To enter the village, one must walk beneath a 150 metre-long pedestrian tunnel, which has been decorated with frescoes, representing the Cinque Terre, executed by the pupils of the Academia di Brera under the supervision of Lino Marzulli. The height difference along the path is 30 metres. 

The landslide occurred on Sept. 2012

Today, in 2019, the Via dell’Amore is unfortunately still closed, except for a short part starting from Manarola train station. That’s caused by a rocky lanslide occurred in Sept. 2012; in the accident 4 australian tourists were injured, luckily without permanent consequences. The ouverture of this first part of the path is auspicious for its complete restoration even if the amount  required for the consolidation project is absolutely huge as one can see  in this sheet  (regarding the first part of project). Even with the strong commitment of the institutions (Region Liguria, National Park and local municipality) the full re-opening will require time and money. You can support us subscribing our  petition to reopen the Via dell’Amore and  follow the updates on our blog

IMPORTANT: to walk on path 2 one has to pay a ticket. As alternative we suggest to purchase the “Cinque Terre Card


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