The path number 1 of the Cinque Terre: Colle del Telegrafo-Monte Marvede

sentiero Telegrafo-Monte MarvedeThe third section of the path n. 1 that goes from the Telegraph hill to Monte Marvede is 6 km long, with a total height difference of 320 m, while the maximum altitude of 760 m is reached on Mount Capri. Travel time is 2 hours. The path merges into the thick Mediterranean scrub and pinewood up to the Bramapane junction, where you take the wide dirt road with spectacular views over the Cinque Terre and has a flat course for the coastal slope of Mount Verrugoli (741 m). The walk continues through shrubs and chestnut trees, touching Mount Grosso (665 m) and the Sella La Croce (637 m) where it meets path 501 (ex n. 01) which descends to Riomaggiore. Climb up the ridge towards Mount Galera (726 m), cross the path that descends to Manarola 506 (ex n. 6) Manarola - Bivio n. 1 (Sella di Monte Marvede), continue the climb up to Mount Capri (785 m). With a deviation of 50 m you can reach the menhir of the Cinque Terre, 3.80 meters high, but toppled to the ground and broken in two (a geological survey, however, has excluded its anthropological nature). The walk continues under the ridge, crossing chestnut groves, up to the valley of Mount Marvede at an altitude of 666 m.



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