BonassolaBonassola is a small village on the Ligurian Riviera di Levante, not far from Levanto and the Cinque Terre. It is the ideal destination for those looking for a relaxing holiday, at a slow pace and marked by the blue and blue tones of the sea of the small gulf of the country. Hills covered with maritime pines, terraces with olive groves and vineyards close the landscape setting of this wonderful village. In addition to the beauty of nature and the trails, what attracts the most is the wide sandy beach of Bonassola, a beach with every comfort thanks to the numerous bathing establishments that follow one another, even if there are portions of free beach and a cove dedicated to the bathrooms with four-legged friends.


Bonassola mareBonassola is also a very ancient village, as are the villages of the Cinque Terre. In fact, in the High Middle Ages, with the toponym "Vallis Bonazolae" the wide valley was indicated that went from here to Framura and Levanto, while in 1154 a papal document mentions the village under the bishop of Luni. However, archaeological studies and findings have brought to light the remains of the oldest church of San Giorgio di Reggimonti, suggesting that the human presence in the area dates back to long before the Roman colonization. Throughout history, Bonassola has always distinguished itself for its strong maritime vocation and the trade in wine, olive oil and chestnuts.

What to see in Bonassola

Chiesa Madonnina della Punta bonassolaChurch of Santa Caterina d'Alessandria: the beautiful baroque church is located in the western part of the town, close to the sea. Simple on the outside, the interior stands out for the wealth of frescoes and sacred furnishings, which during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries were donated by the sailors of Bonassola as thanks for protection during their activities at sea. Oratory of Sant'Erasmo: not far from the church and overlooking the sea, the Oratory has always played a very important role for the village as there were held meetings of fishermen and sailors to make decisions in the name of the community. The small churchyard bears a beautiful stone decoration, according to the traditional Ligurian "risseau" technique. Small church of the Madonnina della Punta: always in the western part of the town, which is configured as well as the part used as a religious center, the little church can be reached with a comfortable walk that starts behind the Oratory of Sant'Erasmo - via Rome and offers a wonderful scene. Built by the Poggi family at the end of the 1600s, the front porch was added only in 1932.


torre dell'orologio castello bonassolaWalking through the streets you come across numerous historic buildings such as Palazzo Paganetto, in Piazza Brigata Cento Croci, considered one of the most characteristic of Bonassola, or Palazzo Vinzoni, where the famous cartographer of the Republic of Genoa, Matteo Vinzoni, a native of the fraction, stayed. Montaretto. In Bonassola there are still the remains of a castle, easily identifiable by its clock tower which stands out among the colorful houses on a hill behind the village. Among the things to do, there are numerous sports. The Maremonti cycle path crosses Bonassola, which runs along the old disused railway line, connecting Framura to Levanto, between tunnels and breathtaking landscapes. At the start of the track, an easy path leads to the spectacular Punta del Carlino. Other paths lead to the Salto della Lepre (departure from the Oratory of Sant'Erasmo then via Roma), to Levanto (departure from the Municipality building), to Montaretto, the natural roof of Bonassola, starting upstream from Scernio, or to Framura starting from the church of Santa Caterina and leading to the large geological outcrops called pillow-lavas (lava cushions).

Useful Info

How to reach Bonassola:

  • By train: always the preferred means of transport to reach Bonassola, through the regional trains of the Genoa - La Spezia line. Bonassola stop.
  • By car: from Genoa, motorway A12, exit at the Deiva Marina motorway tollbooth, then follow the indications for Bonassola. From La Spezia, take the Carrodano - Levanto motorway exit, continue towards Levanto until reaching the town. At the end of Corso Roma, turn right and then follow the signs for Bonassola on the SS332, then at the first intersection turn left onto the SP39.

Parking: it must be said that to move to Bonassola you do not need a car. The main car park is located on the seafront with 160 paid spaces.

Info Point Information and Tourist Reception: Via F.lli Rezzano, Tel. 366 422 6468,

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