The blue path #2 of the Cinque Terre

Sentiero Azzurro Cinque Terre It is the most famous and spectacular route of the Cinque Terre. But it has been traced, over the centuries, by those who used it habitually to move, so in some places it is a real mule track that winds along the waterfront connecting the five villages between them. It is easily passable, but let us not forget that it is still a path, where it is possible to find narrowing of the route, slippery sections and cliffs. Caution. The itinerary from Riomaggiore to Monterosso is about 12 km long and the maximum altitude (200 m) is in Prevo, a small but characteristic fraction of Vernazza. The route is mostly made up of paths (about 8 km), cobbled mule tracks and stairways (about 2 km); the remainder is formed by the Via dell'Amore waterfront and by internal country roads. This is the path N. 2 of the C.A.I. of La Spezia, but is better known as the "blue path". The entire route is marked by a white and a blue stripe. Excluding the "Via dell'Amore", which dates back to the 1930s, it is an ancient route, well known in the times of the Republic of Genoa, when Vernazza was the airport and the main commercial point of the area. It takes about 5 hours to cover the entire trail and a total height difference of 500 m is exceeded. But time doubles if you make short visits to the villages. The ideal is to have at least a few days available and divide the route in stages.

ATTENTION: the transit on the path 2 is subordinated to the payment of a ticket (daily) whose cost varies depending on the number of open sections, about 5-7 euros. Alternatively we recommend the purchase of the "Cinque Terre Card".As an alternative trekking route to reach Corniglia we recommend the Manarola -> Volastra route on path 506 (ex.6) and Volastra-> Corniglia on path 586 (ex. 6 / D) and 587 (ex n. 7A).



with Ease

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