The path number 1 of the Cinque Terre: Campiglia-Colle del telegrafo

The second leg is 3.5 kilometres long with a height difference of 200 metres. The highest point is reached on the ridge between Schiara and Pozai. Average completion time for the path is one hour and a half. The path begins with stairs beginning near the fountain of Campiglia, climbing up through the vines and into a pinewood. At a height of 510 metres one meets a dirt track leading to an area known as ‘Palestra Verde’ (Green Gymnasium) a stretch of 2.5 kilometres with 15 stops for gymnastic exercises. While, by taking a 500 metre detour on path n°4 – which connects Biassa and Schiara – in the Crocetta area, at 482 metres height, one can find the Tramonti menhir. It is a 2.5 metre high rock stuck into the ground with a large iron cross, probably dating back to the Bronze age, which could have had primitive astronomical functions. The Colle del Telegrafo bush (513 metres high) is another crossroads of paths.


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