The path number 1 of the Cinque Terre: Campiglia-Colle del Telegrafo

sentiero campiglia cinque terreThe second stretch of path 598-1 (AV5T 1) is 3.5 km long, with a drop of 200 m. The maximum altitude is reached on the ridge between the coasts of Schiara and Pozai. Average travel time one hour and 30 minutes. It starts from the stairway near the fountain of Campiglia and begins to climb among the vineyards, until entering a pine forest. At an altitude of 570 meters you meet a dirt road that you will follow until the end of this section. In the area there is the "Palestra nel Verde", a 2.5 km path in the woods where splendid examples of cork oak can also be found. Deviating for 500 m, on the path 504 (ex n. 4), which connects Biassa to Schiara, in the area of ??the Crocetta, at 482 m. of altitude, there is the Tramonti menhir. It is a 2.5 m high boulder. stuck vertically in the ground and surmounted by an iron cross, probably dating back to the Bronze Age and surrounded by numerous legends. The most famous tells that one night of an unknown time tired travelers stopped here and lit a fire to rest and warm up. Suddenly the wind began to rise, until it became deafening. At one point the fire went out and in its place appeared the devil himself, who drove out the terrified travelers, guilty of having invaded his territory. This is why the menhir is also called the "Devil's boulder". Continuing, we finally reach the clearing of the Colle del Telegrafo (513 m), another crossroads of roads and paths.



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