Mutable Appearances in Monterosso

evento cinque terre icona 23 July 2019 fino al 28 July 2019

Until July 28, 2019 Monterosso al Mare hosts the exhibition "Mutevoli apparenze", dedicated to the artist Erminio Tansini at the Palazzo del Comune (Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi, 35), every day hours 18-23 with free admission. The exhibition is the fourth stage of the traveling exhibition "Chimere" and proposes a collection of photographs with subjects from the Tansinian sculptures.

Tansini creates his own statues in bronze or wood (the latter sometimes with stone inserts). For the wooden works the author uses materials coming mainly from the Cinque Terre , from the Valtaro and Valtrebbia (occasionally, also from the Lunigiana and from the valleys of the Nure and the Tidone). They are roots, trunks, branches and stumps found on the sea beaches and on the streams of the streams: sinuous and jagged pieces, smoothed by water, bleached by the sun. Tansini recovers them and regenerates them, preserving their peculiar and inimitable naturalness. With these materials the artist creates compositions in which the illusions of pareidolia make appear and disappear shapes and profiles apparently recognizable, changing according to the point of view and the sensitivity of the observers. The production of these wooden sculptures began almost thirty years ago, but for a long time the author considered them as an intimate matter, avoiding to propose them to the public.

Their first exhibition is in 2017, with Erminio Tansini taking part in the 57th Venice Biennale. In the monterossino event the Tansinian statues are those depicted in the photographs of the photographic sets of "Forme sfuggenti" , an exhibition that stages the sculptures of Tansini in places such as castles, cliffs, courses and ponds, sites archaeological sites, wooded glades or rocky landscapes. These settings amplify the pareidolithic propensities of the Tansinian statues, while the architectural and natural elements of the landscape visually interact with the sculptural subjects to transfigure the settings themselves: surreal, dreamlike and fantastic scenes are created, caught in their fugacity and fixed through the lens of the camera.

Started in 2018, the event touched on various locations in Italy, Switzerland and France. Mutable appearances are curated by Davide: son of the artist himself, he also directs the sets of the review «Forme sfuggenti» for his father.

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