Monterosso. A sea of books

evento cinque terre icona 4 July 2019 fino al 31 August 2019

The 3rd edition of "Monterosso - A sea of ??books", scheduled from 4 July to 31 August 2019, has been started . This year the literary salon of the Cinque Terre hosts great names of Italian culture and literary scene such as Federico Rampini, Marco Buticchi, Filippo Paganini, Father Enzo Fortunato, Luca Nannipieri, Paola Calvetti, Davide Barilli, Roberto Pazzi, Gianna Schelotto.

The exhibition is organized by the Municipality of Monterosso al Mare and the Cinque Terre Tourist Consortium, with the support of the Cinque Terre National Park and the San Lorenzo Shipyards, the collaboration of the Pro Loco of Monterosso and the CNA, the aid Res Communications technician. Artistic director, journalist and writer of La Spezia, Marco Ferrari .

The meetings will be held at the Molo dei Pescatori, in case of rough seas events will be held in Piazza Garibaldi. Free entry.

Monterosso - A sea of ??books program

Thursday 4th July - 9.30 pm - The secret of the black pharaoh (Longanesi) . The Legend of the Black Pharaoh Shebitqo hovers over the Egyptian deserts with the force of a sandstorm, and its secret father survives the inviolate invasion of the millennia. With Marco Buticchi , Italian master of adventure. Intervenes Danilo Francescano , author. Thursday 11 July - 9.30 pm - Days of 1968 (Giacché) - Kill Guido Rossa (Castelvecchi) . The days of 1968: the story of a year, 1968, full of events. And of a city, La Spezia, alive and vital, crossed by the strong social tension of the years of the "economic miracle". With Filippo Paganini , journalist and writer. Kill Guido Rossa : Guido Rossa, worker and trade unionist, at the Italsider of Genoa Cornigliano, a member of the PCI, is assassinated on the morning of January 24th 1979, while he is entering the car to go to work. With Donatella Alfonso , journalist and writer. Thursday 18 July - 21:30 - Stolen Masterpieces (Skira) Homicides, thefts, raids, smuggling, fires and confiscations marked, yesterday as today, the life of many artistic masterpieces. With Luca Nannipieri , art critic and writer. Emanuela Cavallo , journalist, intervenes. In collaboration with the FAI. Thursday 25 July - 9.30 pm - Elisabetta II (Mondadori) The very long reign of Elizabeth II is the enigmatic story of a shy woman who has made the supreme reason of life for accepting her destiny, for the passionate defense of the crown. With Paola Calvetti , writer and journalist. Accompanying the evening Renzo Cozzani , musician. Sunday 28th July - 9.00pm - Francesco the Rebel. The language, gestures and places of a man who has marked the course of history (Mondadori) Today, more than ever, St. Francis is one of the key figures to understand how Christianity takes shape in the beginning of the third millennium. With Father Enzo Fortunato , journalist and director of the Press Room of the Sacred Convent of Assisi. Readings by Matteo Taranto , actor. Sunday 4th August - 9.30 pm - The night of the left (Mondadori) There was a time when the left and the people were almost the same thing. Now all over the world the working classes, the old and new workers' trades, are desperately seeking protection by voting on the right. With Federico Rampini , journalist, writer and lecturer. Thursday 8 August - 9.30pm - La Noche Cubana. Cuba. Altravana (Perrone) Not a guide but a journey between past and future: a very personal mapping of what still survives in the most literary Havana. With Davide Barilli , writer and journalist. Accompanies the evening Yalica Jo , musician. Tuesday 13 August - 9.30 pm - Towards Sant'Elena (Bompiani) Starting from known historical events, the author accompanies us on a strongly symbolic journey by sea, inside the folds of the psychology of Napoleon, a defeated man. With Roberto Pazzi , writer, poet and journalist. Thursday 22 August - 9.15 pm - Convent of the Capuchin Friars. Bakhita: the charm of a free woman (San Paolo) St. Josephine Bakhita is increasingly noted for her extraordinary relevance. Cited in official documents of the Church, it is as current as African, as a migrant. But above all he is as current as a woman. With Roberto Italo Zanini , journalist and writer. Giovanni Tortorolo , journalist, intervenes. Thursday 29 August - 9.15 pm - I would and would not like (Mondadori) Get married, change jobs, take a course of study, but also which shoes to put on or what to eat. There are more and more people who, in the face of choices, get stuck, fearing not to understand what is best for them. With Gianna Schelotto , essayist, journalist, writer and psychotherapist. Interview by TLS journalists: Chiara Alfonzetti, Emanuela Cavallo, Laura Ivani, Selene Ricco. Saturday 31 August - 9.15 pm The Kaufmann case (Rizzoli) To upset the gloomy and distressed existence of Lehmann Kaufmann, in December 1933, is a letter. Kurt, his best friend, asks him to take care of his daughter Irene and help her settle down in Nuremberg. With Giovanni Grasso , journalist, parliamentarian and essayist. Giovanni Tortorolo , journalist, intervenes. For more information: monterosso sea of books

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