I am my job. Stories of men and wines

evento cinque terre icona 17 July 2019

On Wednesday, July 17th at 9:00 pm at the Fishermen's Wharf of Monterosso al Mare the theatrical opera “I am my job. Stories of men and wines " of and with Pino Petruzzelli , a cross-section of Italian history from the 1930s to the present, seen from the eyes of those who work the land. P >

Dionigi, the protagonist of the show, is called to collect a prize for his wine. In the hour that separates him from the ceremony he retraces the steps of his life in a sort of Bergmanian "Strawberry Place". It is the story of a small producer . Small but extraordinary. The story of his struggles to produce a dream wine. Utopian, perhaps. A wine in which past and present, tradition and modernity merge, giving life to a wine to be rewarded. A wine capable of encapsulating a memory of small and large history. The wine of Dionigi tells of the civilization that produced it and for this it refers, through scents and scents, to the sacredness of wine.

The show comes from two years of interviews with Italian winemakers. At the end, tasting of Ligurian wines and meeting with the winemakers by Giovanni de Vecchis.

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