"Humans of Cinque Terre": the human face of the Cinque Terre

"Humans of Cinque Terre": the humans of the Cinque Terre . It is humanity, the most beautiful spectacle in the world, even in the Cinque Terre. A storytelling project by the writer and member of the Mitilanti collective, Filippo Lubrano, together with photographers Andrea Luporini and Matteo Fiorelli. An Instagram profile and a Facebook page to tell the stories of those who were born and live in the Cinque Terre or chose to live.

"We are not looking for celebrities" Lubrano explains "we tell stories of normal lives , intergenerational. The testimonies I collect are often very intimate, personal. From a certain point of view they could be set anywhere, but instead they are right here, in this anthropized part in a unique and unrepeatable way to the world.They talk about the beauty and gravity of the lives that underlie this territory that is a never concluded dialogue between man and nature, where one's hand has never offended the wonder of the other: they make up a mosaic of memories that contrasts with the instantaneousness of the visit, which bites and runs that characterizes a certain type of tourism, that of selfies with saturated colors, which we feel the need ethics of overcoming It is part of a process of sedimentation and reflection which is also a movement of resistance towards a way of understanding the journey that leaves nothing to the territory, and to which the land course can leave very little ".

The project explicitly follows the model of the lucky "Humans of New York", one of the most followed accounts on Instagram, of the American street photographer Brandon Standon. In the pages are already present the stories of iconic characters of the territory such as Anselmo Crovara, 84 year old historical memory of Manarola , tour operators such as Eugenio Bordoni and Alessandro Bordone, traders such as the Monterossina Milly. The testimonials are always presented in English and Italian. The goal is to print a book with the portraits of the collected characters.

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Anselmo / Manarola I’m 84 years old. Not yet, in fact, in a few months. I became deaf when I was 2. The fascist law prevented the deaf and disabled from attending school. But my teacher brought me to the class all the same, secretly. Then I went to a private school for deaf people: it was there that I really learned to read. Do you see all the books in this house? I can't even count them now. I read many of them while my father was in Germany, interned in the Glachau concentration camp. From time to time he wrote us a letter just to inform us that he was fine, and that he wanted to see us again. He used to call me "Anselmino", little Anselmo. After some years he managed to escape, and made his way back to Bolzano on foot, then jumped on a truck ride to Parma. I started as a tailor at 25, I did it for 13 years. Do you see this shirt? Touch it! I did it. Isn't is wonderful? And it lasts decades! The last few years I worked in the hospital. I have never been married, I've lived with my mother until her death. This has always been my home, and now it houses a museum. I no longer know where the house ends and the museum begins. In my spare time I have always looked after the vineyards. When I started harvesting, there was no monorail yet. Everything was done by hand. With the rows the grapes are ruined, with the wind they beat and the grapes lose their flavor. The grapes are born to stand on the pergola, free to move. The good Vermentino and the Sciacchetrà are made like this, there's no other way. We need patience in things, and in life.

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