All the beaches of the Cinque Terre

spiagge cinque terreThe Cinque Terre sea, like the scenic beauty of the villages, attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world who choose the beaches of the Cinque Terre during the summer to indulge in regenerating baths, perhaps after a nice trek along the paths of the Park. But we must say that the beaches of the Cinque Terre are not very many and if you are looking for fine sand, you should get used to stones, rocks and rocks immediately. If you think they are uncomfortable, remember that the backdrops of Cinque Terre sea are clear and beautiful due to the presence of rocks. It will be a spirit of adaptation to the place where they were born, but the Ligurians prefer to enjoy a day at the beach by clinging to the rocks . If you do not feel safe walking on the stones, take a pair of shoes to make the grip safer and that can also be used in the water. To reach the rock you have spotted, sneakers are also good, but avoid flip-flops if you are not accustomed. However do not be discouraged, the beaches are not lacking, here is some indication .


Spiagge Cinque Terre In Riomaggiore the rock dominates, at the mouth of the marina and along the way to go to the beach. At the ferry dock you will find a cliff easy, with not very high rocks. Continuing the walk, after the docking of the boats and with a comfortable path bordered by rope, you will immediately arrive at the Riomaggiore beach , very suggestive and sheltered from the winds. It is composed of round pebbles polished by the sea and the waves and rocks in the final part. The beach is free and not equipped, not very large due to the narrow coastline with walls behind to support the railway. The sea is crystal clear and limpid, the seabed degrades almost immediately but, equipped with fins and mask, at only 2/3 meters of depth you have the possibility to admire a very interesting small marine fauna. After Riomaggiore, in the direction of Portovenere, there is also the Cannetto beach . It is wild and isolated, with a trickle of fresh water that flows on the beach but can only be reached by sea, by renting a boat or a boat in Riomaggiore and booking a tour .


Manarola marina In Manarola there is no beach but you can still swim at marina , where there are smooth or jagged rocks of the marina and a typical artificial reef formed by larger boulders where you can lie down. Here you can swim in the small boats and admire the beauty of the Cinque Terre village from an unusual point of view . The local kids spend their summer days diving from these steep rocks. Here too the water is extraordinarily clear and going to look around with the mask between the rocks and the ravines will be a pleasant surprise.


spiaggia guvano To Corniglia there is a language of stones called "lo Spiaggione" the great beach, located under the railway. It is a quiet beach, all in all not very crowded but not always accessible depending on the sea conditions, as being very narrow, there is no space at high tide. A small portion of pebble beach is found from the steps of the train station, passing the Lardarina stairway, going down to the right. You can then swim at the rocks of the marina, on the opposite side of the Spiaggione, past the village of Corniglia and taking the long staircase in the final part of the village. Also near Corniglia is the Guvano beach , famous for the practice of naturism. Today it can be reached by sea because the tunnel that began near the Lardarina stairway, previously used to reach Guvano on foot, is closed. Another way to reach the beach is to take the stretch of Path Azzurro Corniglia - Vernazza but the descent is in bad condition and dangerous and it is strongly advised not to take the detour to Guvano.


vernazza spiaggia Vernazza is famous for its romantic beach overlooked by the Church of Santa Margherita di Antiochia. It is easily reachable, is located at the bottom of the town from the central square and is sandy. Not very big, you will have to divide it even with the small boats of the residents but it is very suitable for children . Behind the church, from the mooring boats, there is a cove in which there are rocks easily reachable. Another beach meets first, always coming down from the station along the main street. Arrived at the widening where via Roma becomes via Visconti you will find on your left the passage for the living rock tunnel which, in a few steps, will take you to a beautiful mixed sand, gravel and bluish water beach with cobblestone backdrop. Remarkable the glance coming out of the cave.


monterosso beach cleaning Arrived at Monterosso , the situation of the beaches of the Cinque Terre certainly becomes less wild and natural but more comfortable. In Monterosso, in fact, there are the largest beaches of the Cinque Terre, with equipped bathing establishments and a shoreline in sand or small gravel, services and space. There are two possibilities: from the station you can take the promenade to the right or left. Going left you reach the old part of the village where there is a sandy beach , partly free, partly sloped, while in the final part you will find the rocks. Taking instead the left, immediately, under the station begins the long strip of beach that alternates bathing establishments with portions of free beach. This stretch is called Fegina and the widest free beach is at the bottom, from the Statue of the Giant. However, passing the Fegina tunnel, there are other wild beaches of pebbles and rocks that widen even more the possibility of finding space for a corroborating day at the beach. There are numerous possibilities to rent canoes, kayaks, rafts and tours by sea.


levanto eventi Beyond the Cinque Terre, we find seaside resorts with wider gulfs, where beaches become wider , alternating paid establishments and free, equipped and non-equipped areas. At Levanto there is a beautiful beach, very suitable for children thanks to the sandy bottom or mixed gravel that slopes gently. Many services, ranging from beach games, to canoe and boat rentals, bars and entertainment, surf schools. Only at the extremes of the Gulf of Levanto, from the Pietra and in the locality of Valle Santa are the rocks. Going beyond the Stone (the building on the sea where the boats dock) you can reach, passing over the rocks, delicious little-known coves.


all the beaches of the cinque terre Also at Bonassola there is a large gravel beach. Here the sea is spectacular, clean and blue, while in the end of the beach, in the direction of Deiva Marina, there is a cove, very easy to reach from the main beach with a concrete walk, where the water is transparent and bathing here is really a pleasant and relaxing experience. Taking the Pedestrian Cycle MareMonti track that connects Levanto, Bonassola and Framura you can take pathways that lead to hidden and uncrowded beaches. One of them is that of Porto Pidocchio which is part of Framura. Framura is in fact equipped with many small beaches, beyond the rocks of the marina. Let's start, as we said, from Porto Pidocchio , a narrow cove, surrounded by tall dark rocks. This beach is free and not equipped and can be reached with a very short and easy trail from the Track.


spiagge framura The Porticciolo is located near the train station. It is a landing between the coast and the Ciamia rock, the largest in Liguria, connected by a stairway and the lift to the Pista. This is not a real beach: here you lie on the concrete or on the rocks, but being equipped with a bar, restaurant, showers, toilets and diving is a convenient spot for bathing. The Arena beach is the largest bay in Framura and can be reached on foot from Anzo, or along the Via del Mare, the promenade that connects the train station with the other beaches of Torsei, Vallà and precisely Arena . Finally, the beach in coarse sand in Fornaci is easily reachable by going down to the Deiva Marina station as it is over the bridge that connects Deiva and Framura. There are hotels, campsites and bars.


Deiva Marina mare In Deiva Marina , in addition to the beach of Fornaci, we find a wide sandy and gravel beach in some places. Fairly touristy thanks to the presence of bathing establishments, even if there is no lack of various stretches of free beach. Considerable availability of services, with numerous campsites present, as well as on the sea, along the road before arriving in the village. The sea is extremely clear and the uncontaminated seabed is ideal for divers who can make interesting diving here. As soon as you dive in, the water is a deep and intense blue as the seabed degrades rapidly and you can't touch it just a few steps from the shore. After the beach, about 600 meters long, there is a cliff that runs along the road of the galleries.

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