Walking Informed on the paths of the Cinque Terre with Legambiente

The Informed Walk "project of the Cinque Terre National Park has started: for a month on the Cinque Terre paths together with the Legambiente volunteers , to put at the center safety and quality of tourism.

After two years of surveys conducted thanks to the questionnaires sent to residents and tourists who frequent the Cinque Terre with the "Walking informed" project, the collaboration for the summer of 2019 continues between the Cinque Terre National Park and Legambiente. This year, after data collection in 2017 and 2018 and their elaboration, we aim at a widespread information , directly in contact with tourists who frequent the paths.

"Thanks to these data - says Patrizio Scarpellini, director of the National Park - we managed to work, in agreement with the municipal administrations of the Cinque Terre, the Carabinieri Forestali, the Ati, Cai and Alpine Rescue, significantly reducing the operations due to those who walk the paths in a wrong way. The knowledge of the rules, for those who face this territory, is very important! "


"With this activity - comments Santo Grammatico, President of Legambiente Liguria - we aim to transfer greater awareness to both volunteers and participating volunteers, providing adequate knowledge and discovering the territory at the start of the camp that, consequently, to the tourists who frequent the paths, in fact we will organize information centers, at the entrance of the most frequented paths, thus intercepting the tourist flows .The "Walking informed" project is fundamental to start the construction of a new culture and a different approach of landscape assets by a tourism that, too often, does not consider the aspects related to safety and sustainable use of the territory an integral part of the tourism experience itself. "

"Once again we must applaud the work carried out by the volunteers - says Patrizio Scarpellini, director of the Cinque Terre National Park - An important work, more and more specific and specialized, organized with the institutions and with those working in the area, the collaboration between those who provide the service is essential, it is always difficult to make lists without forgetting someone, I am thinking of the CAI of the GEVs and the Alpine Rescue, of those who are daily involved in helping the countries and organizing the initiatives cultural.A very important fabric that offers the essential lymph.The boys who will visit our territory, thanks to the skilful direction of Legambiente, will be a fixed and useful presence, they will become our ambassadors.Their presence, on the paths and in the villages, for a month, it will become a precious resource ".

Legambiente volunteers and volunteers will take turns in three shifts from ten days until August 20th . They will participate in moments of in-depth study and knowledge of the territory thanks to the collaboration with the Manarola Foundation, the Geological Risks Research Center, the National Alpine and Speleological Rescue Corps, the Lai CAI and will be hosted at the former elementary school of Manarola, thanks to the Municipality of Riomaggiore.


with Ease

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