Travel Notes: La Spezia, Cinque Terre and Surroundings (4)

La Spezia, Cinque Terre, Val di Magra and Val di Vara and the nearby Northern Tuscany are incredible lands to discover: take a few days to live it with us! Arbaspàa Tour Operator, post by post, continues to advise you about how to visit, to show you the curiosity of these wonderful lands and, as if you were a special friend, to tell you how to enjoy yourself and how to relax. Here are news tips for you: are you ready to take note?

10) From castle ... to castle between San Terenzo and Lerici. Walking, running, riding, skating, bicycle... and if you are in the summer, at least for a while and in compliance with the rules of safety, swimming: you can unleash fantasy and dedicate yourself to fitness and outdoor life ... while enjoying a unique view of Porto Venere and the islands of the La Spezia's archipelago. The castles of San Terenzo and Lerici, jewels of Renaissance and medieval origin well preserverd (for visits, ask for information at Lerici's Municipality at 0039-0187 9601), they are the two extremities of a stretch coast among the most beloved of Northern Italy and beyond. Choose the way you travel, where to stop - for a photograph, sunbathe or ... enjoy a good ice cream -, and live an experience which will become one of the most beautiful moments of your vacation.

travel notes la spezia cinque terre and surroundings 4

11) From the mussels-farm to the table: a traditional food experience They all know and appreciate them: they are the "muscoli", the mussels cultivated in the Gulf of La Spezia, one of the most popular local food specialties, and come to the table of many Italians through the retail industry. Behind this delicious dish, which in the cuisine of Levante Ligure is prepared according to different recipes in the tradition - over all, spaghetti with the mussles, stuffed mussles and "alla marinara" - there is a work of ancient origins which has been carried forward centuries in this area, thanks also to a particularly favorable environment for mussel farming. On board of Moby Dick, a former wooden fishing boat adapted for passenger transport, you will navigate in the Gulf waters, you will observe one of the plants with the explanation of the mussel farmer and you will also have time for a sail in the waters of Porto Venere and Palmaria and for a tasty ... lunch based on delicious mussles prepared on board. Do you want to experience this experience and know this world closely? Book Arbaspàa tour:

travel notes la spezia cinque terre and surroundings 4

12) Go hunting for wonders in the historic gardens of La Spezia. Originating in 19th century, the public gardens of La Spezia are an attraction not well-known but deserves to be visited for the particular value of the botanical species inside. The area, taken to the sea with the fillings made with the ground extracted to create the basins of the Arsenal, develops between viale Mazzini, where children usually ride bicycles and on the "grilli (crickets)", characteristic pedal vehicles on three wheels, and viale Italia, a large sliding streer, until the parallel via Chiodo, and connecting the old town with the seafront promenade. Large and refined architecture houses several monuments of great interest, all of them, the equestrian statue dedicated to Garibaldi, which was made in bronze by Antonio Garella's design: the Italian "Hero of the Two Worlds" is depicted on a rampant horse, rarely exemplar in sculpture. Recently, instead, the marble monument to the Resistance during the World War II. In the part called "Il boschetto", the oldest one, the beautiful stage of Liberty Music is located, whose charm unfortunately is damaged by vandalism and - among other statues - the bust of Ceccardo Roccatagliata Ceccardi. In the area, which occasionally hosts exhibitions and events, there is also the congress center "Salvador Allende".

travel notes la spezia cinque terre and surroundings 4

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The train, surely the best means of travel to visit the Cinque Terre and be enchanted by the beauty of the Ligurian sea. From March 16th the 5 Terre Express train is in service to travel comfortably between La Spezia Centrale, Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza, Monterosso and Levanto with a single single fare ticket, taking advantage of the offer of 100 trains a day, 7 days a week, every 15 minutes