The magical nights of Fieschi in the Tigullio Gulf!

August 07, 2015   admin
jw_sig_cache_a8030e623f_01_torta_fieschi_modificataOn next August 13th and 14th, between Lavagna and Basilica di San Salvatore, a historic Medieval representation.The double and great event returns in the Eastern Riviera: the “Addiu du Fantin” in San Salvatore di Cogorno on August 13th and the “Torta dei Fieschi” (Fieschi Cake) in Lavagna on August 14th. Two celebrations with a common thread: the costume commemoration of the historic wedding between Opizzo Fiesco, Count of Lavagna, and Bianca dei Bianchi, aristocrat from Siena, that took place in the year 1230. Spectacular moments and – during the evening of August 14th – an exciting game for couples: the names of all those who are looking for the twin soul are drawn and the halves are joined. These are certainly events not to miss, for those who are spending their holiday in Liguria and on the Blue Flag beaches in Lavagna and Tigullio. More info at: Source:  
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