The holiday is starting: the tour maps of Arbaspàa, the specialist of incoming, are arriving!

After choosing the Cinque Terre for your stay, the countdown for your arrival has started: you will admire the pastel-colored houses, you will explore magnificent vineyards on the famous terraces with dry stone walls, you will be breathless on the overhanging viewpoint, you will have a swim in the waters that have nothing to envy to Caribbean's sea, you will cuddle yourself with the typical recipes and fine wines of the area.

A program that already makes you want to leave... but it does not end here: thanks to the tour operator Arbaspàa of Manarola and La Spezia, there are many experiences you can do to live in an authentic way this beautiful territory declared by UNESCO World Heritage site and - to know the unexpected charm of the surrounding areas - in the nearby Golfo dei Poeti and Lunigiana. Enogastronomy, outdoor activities and adrenalin, boat trips, sea sports, creativity are the proposal sea sports, creativity are the proposals of this specialist of incoming tourism that since 17 years organizes services in the Cinque Terre and in their surroundings for customers always more numerous: it's time to book your tour!

How to do? Directly from the site or when you arrive in Liguria look for the tour map of Arbaspàa in your accommodation: a new tool that in addition to guiding you in the area with a map shows you some of the main tours, divided by category, to which you can take part.

Arbaspàa is waiting for you for a holiday full of the most beautiful experiences, which will remain indelible in your memories.

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