The ancient memory of toponyms and DNA

evento cinque terre icona 28 July 2019

As part of the "Notti al Castello" exhibition in the Summer of La Spezia 2019, at the San Giorgio della Spezia Castle, Sunday 28 July 2019, from 9 pm "The ancient memory of toponyms and DNA", a lecture by Sergio Tofanelli and Lorenzo Marcuccetti - Organized by the Il Cigno Consortium. The memory of the original meaning of the names has been diluted and then lost in the depths of recent history. Yet traces of an era in which the distinction between a community and its territory was more subtle are still visible on the geographical maps and hidden inside our cells. The conference aims to present the results of a still unpublished research that shows how the information stored in DNA and in the typical toponyms of the northern Tyrrhenian area, once revealed and deciphered, indicates a common ancient identity.

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