Sea Festival in Levanto

evento cinque terre icona 23 July 2019 fino al 28 July 2019

In Levanto shows, music, entertainment for children, fireworks from Thursday 18 to Sunday 28 July 2019 from 9.00 pm for the traditional Sea Festival. Here is the program of the 50th edition:

18 - 28 JULY

h 21- 23 Piazza Cavour - Exhibition hall: Exhibition: "Festa del Mare and Gruppo Storico: images and documents of our history".


h 06.10 Station FF.SS. Levanto: Meeting of pilgrims on foot with departure at 06.17 hrs

h 06.35 about FF.SS. Station Riomaggiore: Departure Pilgrimage on foot along the Via dei Santuari up to Levanto: Santuario N.S. di Montenero (Riomaggiore) - Sanctuary of N.S. della Salute (Volastra) - Sanctuary of N.S. delle Grazie (San Bernardino) - Sanctuary of the Madonna di Reggio - Santuario N.S. of Soviore (Monterosso al Mare) - Levanto

h 21.00 Oratorio S. Giacomo: S. Prefestiva Mass presents Don Roberto Savio.


h.15.15pm S. Giacomo Oratory: Concert of the Review "The Sound of Time": organist Beppino Delle Vedove, horn Claude Padoan


6.30 pm St. James Oratory: Triduum of St. James, Eucharistic Adoration and Mass, presides over Don Roberto Savio.

h 21.00 Piazza Cavour: Inflatable games for children in collaboration with ANSPI Levanto and Maresuoni Levanto.


6.30 pm St. James Oratory: Triduum of St. James, Eucharistic Adoration and Mass, presides over Don Roberto Savio.

h 21.30 Piazza Cavour: Concert Wind Orchestra “A. Vivaldi "of Riomaggiore, conducts the Master Andrea Bracco.


11.00 am Piazza Cavour: Arrival of the Musici e Sbandieratori Group of Lucca. Greeting to the Municipal Banner, with a parade through the streets

11.30 am Piazza Colombo: Flag-raising at the "Monument to the Sailor".

5.00 pm Via Vinzoni: Departure of the procession of the Borgo and Valle di Levanto Historical Group.

5.30 pm In Fuori Porta: Meeting of the Historical Group "Borgo e Valle" of Levanto with its Musicians and Flag-wavers with the Group of Musicians and Flag-wavers "Contrada Sant'Anna in Piaggia" of Lucca, with the Musici e Sbandieratori Group "Contrada S. Giacomo" of Ferrara, with the "Firewish" Group of Parma. The procession will parade through the city streets up to the Medieval Loggia, where a show will follow.

6.30 pm St. James Oratory: Triduum of St. James, Eucharistic Adoration and Mass, presides over Don Roberto Savio.

8.40 pm S. Giacomo Oratory: Greeting from the Borgo and Valle al Santo Historical Group.

h 21.00 Piazza del Popolo: Departure of the Historical Parade of the Groups present along the city streets with arrival in Piazza Cavour, where music, flag-waving and fire-breathing games will follow.


08.30 am S. Giacomo Oratory: Lodi and S. Mass: Presiding Don Gian Luigi Bagnasco, Chaplain and Parish Priest of Levanto.

11.00 am S. Giacomo Oratory: Solemn Mass. Presides S.E.Mons. Luigi Ernesto Palletti, Bishop of La Spezia - Sarzana - Brugnato. 11.30 am Gulf of Levanto: Arrival of the last Ligurian Leudo still sailing: "New Help of God", with the possibility of being visited.

6.00pm S. Giacomo Oratory: Second Vespers sung. Presided over by Don Franco Pagano, rector of the Episcopal Seminary and Parish Priest of the Church of San Francesco in Sarzana.

6.30 pm P.zza del Popolo: Arrival and reception of the Confraternities with the characteristic "Cristi", typical of the Ligurian tradition.

h 20.40 S. Giacomo Oratory: Greeting from the local Brotherhood and porters to the Saint.

h 21.00 P.zza del Popolo: Departure Solemn Procession with the effigy of Saint James Ap., the Confraternities with the majestic Ligurian Crucifixes, the Historical Group Borgo and Valle di Levanto, the Musical Body of Riomaggiore and that of Monterosso through the city streets up to the rock of the Stone from which the blessing will be imparted. The relic will be brought by Don Franco Pagano. Offer at sea of ??a crown in memory of the Fallen and the Missing. At the same time, over ten thousand characteristic floating lights will be launched in the Gulf waters.


Oratorio S. Giacomo: At the end of the fireworks display and the return of the Cassa di S. Giacomo in Chiesa: Compieta.


with Ease

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