Porto Venere Women's Award

evento cinque terre icona 8 August 2019

Also this year the Municipality of Porto Venere is hosting the 24th edition of the Porto Venere Women's Award with the Provincial Women's Consulta of La Spezia involved in identifying a woman with an important personality, who has dedicated his best qualities in his career, not to prove something to others, but to enhance himself and his abilities.

On August 8th in Piazza Spallanzani, at the foot of the splendid Church of San Pietro , this appreciated recognition, represented with a sculpture by Maestro Francesco Vaccarone , will be assigned to the RAI journalist Giovanna Botteri.

Botteri Giovanna , graduated with honors in Philosophy, is a professional journalist. In 1990 she was editor, three years later she was entrusted with the tasks of correspondent. As a special correspondent he followed the most important international events, starting with the collapse of the Soviet Union and the beginning of the war in the former Yugoslavia in 1991. Since then he has followed all the major conflicts: from 1992 to 1996 he is in Bosnia and in Sarajevo besieged, then it is in Algeria, South Africa, Iran, Albania, Kosovo. In 2001 he is in Genoa for the G8. Between 2001 and 2005 he followed the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq: he filmed worldwide the beginning of the bombing of Baghdad and the arrival of US tanks in March and April 2003. From 2005 he taught the Master of International Studies of the university campus of Trieste - Udine and Gorizia. In 2006 he was in Lebanon, with the Italian peace contingent and in Syria, for the beginning of the anti-Assad revolt. In April 2007 he entered the Iranian nuclear power plant in Natanz exclusively. In May 2007 she was given the job of correspondent for RAI radio and television news reports from the United States. Where it follows the whole electoral campaign that will lead to the election of the first Afro-American president in history and the great economic recession with the Wall Street collapse.

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