People - Photographic exhibition of Anselmo Crovara in Manarola

evento cinque terre icona 13 July 2019 fino al 20 July 2019

Saturday, July 13th at 5.30pm there will be the inauguration of the photography exhibition of Anselmo Crovara, entitled "People" , organized by the "Radici" associations of Manarola and “Amici di Ettore Guatelli” and can be visited until 20 July at the Orma della Annunziata in Manarola, from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

In Manarola, Anselmo Crovara witnessed the transformation of its territory that, from an agricultural country crushed on the coast but facing the mountains, from the end of the 80s turned into a destination international tourist, overlooking the sea. Through photography, drawing, painting and the collection of objects, has documented the country and its people as it was .

From the vast collection of images by Anselmo Crovara, the association Amici di Ettore Guatelli and the Museum and the Radici association have selected about forty photographs that best represent the work, declined in five thematic sections, functional to highlight humanity in its various dimensions.

The exhibition is therefore an invitation to discover and carefully observe Crovara's photographs, focusing on the details and immersing himself in the personality of his protagonists. You will not find a better or worse world than ours, but in an age in which humanity feels a sense of loss, you will know how to recognize Anselmo's love for people and for the ways in which they manifest themselves, drawing greater awareness of being in our time.

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