New lands, the arts of the scene

evento cinque terre icona 24 July 2019 fino al 30 August 2019

Nuove Terre brings contemporary Italian theater to the seaside. From July to the end of August, Framura, Bonassola, Moneglia, the promenade of Deiva Marina and, this year for the first time, Riva Trigoso in Sestri Levante (Genoa) will host, in an unusual setting, the performances by some of the most important names of the last generation, with ritual evening appointments, but also with surprise performances under an umbrella, pedaling, conversations and toasts under the stars.

Nuove Terre officially starts Wednesday 24 July in Moneglia with the underground storygame that tells the story of Jules Verne. Sunday, July 28th if Prana brings Caterina Simonelli's Realear to Bonassola , which rewrites Shakespearean tragedy by immersing it in a bath of irresistible humor and reality. Show tout public, Thursday 1 August in Deiva Marina, with Gaia and the energy of the earth , the colorful ecological dream signed by Officine Papage and Onda Teatro, followed Friday 2 August in Framura strong> from Lella Costa's return to Liguria - a real popular guest star of the show - in Questioni di cuore. On Wednesday, August 7th, Moliere's Misanthrope will be on stage in Deiva, in the ultra-dynamic and all-contemporary story of one of the youngest and most promising formations of the moment, Il Mulino di Amleto, where the surly Alceste is all of us , with our constant difficulty in meeting each other. The day after in Bonassola , the festival proposes a double evening dedicated to the contemporary circus, full of feeling: the poetic and amazing evolutions to the hula hoop of the Canadian Andre´anne Thiboutot in Hoopela? and Francesco Giorda with his Love Show , the first and only metropolitan theater talk show. Wednesday, August 14th Andrea Cosentino arrives in Framura (Ubu Prize 2018) with his chaotic and exhilarating Kotekino Riff, a joyful and nihilistic clown that finds its deepest meaning in the pure play of the scene.

I still play Tuesday, August 20 in Riva Trigoso, but this time with the cards fanned by Gli Omini for The Auction of the Saint: a merchant at the fair on the lives of the saints that will involve the whole square, the strong point of one of the most loved and original Tuscan companies. Dance from morning to evening — between beach, promenade and square - Thursday 22nd August in Deiva Marina , which starts with the surprise performances of Carlo Massari's masks in A peso morto, to end with the suggestive Eoika (from the Greek ???? to "I am similar, it seems that I") by Sabrina Vicari and Federica Aloisio, a visionary journey through the infinite metamorphoses of the body. Suggestions from the classical world also for Michele Sinisi in his latest show, Oedipus. The tragic body, where words, weaves, chorus and others are limbs, smells, and gestures mapped onto the actor's body. Grand finale Saturday 30 August in Framura , with a show that can now be considered a 'classic' of contemporary Italian theater: Reality by Daria Deflorian and Antonio Tagliarini which brings to the stage the daily too full of things and memories of Janina Turek, a Polish woman who for over fifty years minutely recorded all the 'data' of her life. At the center, the problem of how to tell the reality and the relationship we have with it.

The project is completed by informal meetings with the RaccontaFestival® children's audience, the Interferences of Officine Papage and guest artists, with surprise raids and performances in the coastal streets and beaches, toasts under the stars at night with the Artist and the initiative A teatro in bicicletta.

Nuove terre, le arti della scena

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