Mythoslogos in Lerici, program for August

evento cinque terre icona 31 July 2019 fino al 14 August 2019

Theater, presentation of books, performances, conferences, workshops for children: the world and the wisdom of the classics animate Lerici and its surroundings with Mythoslogos, creator and artistic director of Mythoslogos Angelo Tonelli, one of the leading Italian scholars and translators of Greek classics .

Mythoslogos is an exhibition on the wisdom, philosophy, art and culture of antiquity with appointments scheduled until August 14th. Here is the calendar in Lerici and surroundings:

Monday 29 July Lerici, Piazza Mottino, 6.30 pm

Cesare Crocini, specializing in Philosophy and Forms of Knowledge, UNIPI

Tò pneûma: air, life, divinity: the phýsis as a constraint and realization (history of a keyword from the Greek scholars to Christianity).

Thursday 1 August Lerici, Piazza Mottino, 6.30pm

Carla Sanguineti, writer

Looks of the feminine on ancient Greek culture

Friday 2nd August San Terenzo, Parco Shelley, 9.00 pm

Atelier Teatro

Theatrical action: The Golden Donkey (loosely based on the novel by Apuleius)

Saturday 3rd August San Terenzo, Parco Shelley, 9.00 pm

Great concert: Spyros Giosaphakis-Dae Nynphe

Psychostasia (in case of rain the concert will be held in the Council Chamber of the Municipality of Lerici, 9.30 pm)

Sunday 4 August

Lerici, Rotonda Vassallo, 18.30 (simultaneously)

MythosLogos girls and children

- Ancient Vestivamo Workshop, by the Archaeological Museum of La Spezia

- Mythos: animated readings of myths and legends accompanied by background music. Final team quiz with prizes, by Alessandro Lana

- The sky of Zeus, curated by Daniela Bianchi: involving girls and boys in the pictorial creation of large images

Lerici, Pontile della Navigazione and Palco Rotonda Vassallo, 9.30 pm

Argonauts in the Gulf of the Gods, 20th edition, with poets, musicians, dancers: poetic landing from the Argò ship and procession led by acrobat waders of the Nouvelle Lune group, with the poets Tomaso Kemeny, Isabella Vergano, Angelo Tonelli, Francesco Macciò, Aima, Flaminia Cruciani, Pietro Berra, Mirna Lopez; Antonella Tronfi, soprano; live music: Daniele Dubbini (Indian flute, hang, musical lama) and Arthuan Rebis (Celtic harp, nikelharpa, zampogna)

Monday, August 5 San Terenzo, Parco Shelley, 9.00 pm

Cristiana Franco, professor of Latin Language and Literature, University of Siena

Circe: apparitions and transformations of an ancient Goddess

Wednesday 7 August Lerici, Castello San Giorgio, h 21

Matteo Nucci, writer

Eros and freedom

Friday 9 August San Terenzo, Parco Shelley, 9.00 pm

Angelo Tonelli, Greek scholar

Greek shamanism and the "Mongol of Taranto"

Wednesday, August 14 Tellaro, Piazzetta of the Oratory ‘n Selaa, h 21.00

Atelier Teatro

Medea, by Jean Anouilh

Tellaro, place to be defined, 11.00 pm

Theater Action: Alla Greca di S.Berkoff

A revisitation of the Oedipus king

Project by Atelier Teatro

Consulting for direction and adaptation: Carlo Boso; choreography: Marina Michelis; live music: Matteo Addante and Giulio Berutto; choir: Francesco Forges

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