Beyond Portofino: Camogli colored village

I think everyone, who is visiting Liguria, should not stop just to visit the “most” famous places, but should go deeper and discover less known destinations. Camogli is one of that places, just close to Portofino, which has that unique magic that can’t be missed to be visited. I think that walking on the promenade of Camogli is unique. You can feel all the ancient atmosphere of this maritime village. I love to sit to admire its characteristic pastel-colored houses. The houses are painted with brilliant colors and are clusted together fronting the sea. For this reason, Camogli has a double meaning in Italian. The first translation means “Houses close together” and this is just what you note when you walk among the alleys of this fishing village. The second meaning is “house of wives”, named for the women who held down the fort while their husbands went to sea for years on end. Camogli village near Portofino by Marco While walking on the promenade, look at the houses and you will notice that hutters, decorations and sometimes windows are simply painted on the walls. There are even some people at windows or painted cats on windowsills. They are painted with great skill with planned perspective and shadows. Camogli, near Portofino by Luca Boldrini On the harbor, these brightly colored buildings overlook rows of fishing boats and yachts. The streets among these houses are narrow and small and some of them are even replaced by series of stairs. I always suggest to experience Camogli and relax on its beach, sit for a cocktail in one of the many cafes, taste a gelato or a piece of focaccia walking along its promenade. Discover Camogli with us. Start creating your trip to Liguria on our website.

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