94th Palio of the Gulf of La Spezia

evento cinque terre icona 1 August 2019 fino al 5 August 2019

Here is the program of all the events that will accompany us at the 94th Palio del Golfo della Spezia with a series of side events that will characterize the week before the prize, Sunday August 4th with the parade of the villages scheduled for Friday evening August 2nd.

Thursday 01 August at 21.30 Musical show with the group "Napulitan Song" by the municipal AVIS of La Spezia in Piazza Europa

Friday 02 August 19.00 Sidecar exhibition organized by CAMS La Spezia in Piazza Cavour

8.30 pm Departure Sidecar - opening parade by CAMS La Spezia from Piazza Cavour to Piazza Europa

9.00 pm Night parade of the “Palio del Golfo” villages and ceremony of delivery of Pali from Piazza Brin to Piazza Europa

Saturday 03 August 3.30 pm Measurement and inspection of the boats at the Allende Center

4.30pm Sidecar exhibition organized by CAMS La Spezia in Piazza Chiodo

8.00 pm Blue night - Dinner of the villages in Corso Cavour

9.00pm Sidecar - Re-enactment "La Spezia Circuit" in period clothing, curated by CAMS La Spezia in Via Chiodo

9.30 pm BABY K concert in Piazza Europa

Sunday, August 4th

3.00pm Borgata leaders meeting and regatta council at the Sala Giunta Palazzo Civico

17.00 Palio - Women's competition Water mirror in front of the Morin promenade

18.00 Palio - Junior competition

19.00 Palio - Defiltration of the boats

7.15 pm Palio - Commemoration of those killed in the sea

19.25 hours Palio - Solemn opening of the challenge rowing between the Borgates

19.30 94th Palio del Golfo

10.30 pm Fireworks display always in Morin promenade

Monday 05 August 21.00 hours Palio awards and fashion show in Piazza Europa

with Ease

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