ent_3.jpg By sending a comment to this page you can write your reviews of visited Hotel, Bed and Breakfast, restaurants and shops in the Cinque Terre and surrounding area.Reviews must contain useful tips for other visitors and some basic information:

  • Name, location and type of the reviewed structure
  • General infos about accessing it
  • Indicative rates related to the period of your stay
  • A vote from 1 (lower) to 10 (higher) having consideration of several factors such as quality/rate ratio, room and reception services, expectations/reality gap, professionality of the staff, hotel charme, breakfast, food, etc..

Reviews must not contain offensive language, commercial advices, pornographic contents.
We reserve the unsindicable right to publish/not publish your comments that are subjected to moderation before to appear in these pages.

To send your comment you don’t need to be logged in but your comments are subjected to moderation. We strongly encourage the use of this blog to international users; if you’ve interesting post in english language related with the topics of this site you can send them at the adress: blog[at]; we’ll review the post and publish them in the category “English Language

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