Local outdoor markets

It’s funny, because I get a lot of people asking me about the weekly outdoor markets in Vernazza (on Tuesdays), Monterosso (on Thursdays), and La Spezia (on Fridays).  Maybe it’s because they are mentioned in some of the guidebooks?  People seem really excited to go see these markets and I hate to rain on their parade.  But […]

Beyond Portofino: Camogli colored village

August 21, 2015 / by Anna I think everyone, who is visiting Liguria, should not stop just to visit the “most” famous places, but should go deeper and discover less known destinations. Camogli is one of that places, just close to Portofino, which has that unique magic that can’t be missed to be visited. I […]

The magical nights of Fieschi in the Tigullio Gulf!

August 07, 2015   admin On next August 13th and 14th, between Lavagna and Basilica di San Salvatore, a historic Medieval representation.The double and great event returns in the Eastern Riviera: the “Addiu du Fantin” in San Salvatore di Cogorno on August 13th and the “Torta dei Fieschi” (Fieschi Cake) in Lavagna on August 14th. […]

Organized day trip from the Cinque Terre to Portofino

photo credit: artslife.comAre you staying in the Cinque Terre but wanting to check out posh coastal neighbor Portofino at some point?  Twice weekly (on Mondays and Fridays) a battello (ferry boat) takes visitors from Riomaggiore (departing at 9:30am)  to Portofino and back (arriving back to Riomaggiore at 6pm).  The layover in Portofino is for approx. […]