The 24 hour race of Finale


Riders will meet on 23rd and 24th May for one of the most important competitions of its kind in the world, between the hills and the Riviera.

The 24 hour race of Finale, whose first edition dates back to 1999, has become a benchmark in the sports world for its unique style, something between a so-called “happening” and a mountain bike competition. This year, the event will take place on 23rd and 24th May, when the race will start in these beautiful and unique places, a stone’s throw from the blue sea. The Mountain Bike Festival was created around the event; it mainly aims to offer a unique moment for people to get together and enjoy everything you need to have fun: live concerts, shows, food, entertainment for the kids, organized tours, exhibition stands and collateral events. Thousands of riders from all over the world gather here for this event, to compete and above all to have fun on the beautiful trail.

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