Rolli Days 2015 in Genova!

1456618_340996799373729_1190498997_nAn extended and really special edition this one of 2015 for an event turned into a good tradition of the cultural Genoese Spring. From May, 30th to June, 2nd we’ve 4 opening days for a great party that will offer to citizens and tourists the chance to know the architectonic jewels that during the past hosted important people. Among the 26 buildings that will be open, there’s the Palazzo Giacomo Lomellini located in Largo Zecca, actually head office of Regional Military Command, and of course protected due to obvious security reasons. So, a rare opportunity to see the extraordinary frescoes by Domenico Fiasella in the interior. But the news are not ended! For the first time the Rolli Days will involve all the city. Over the buildings of the Historical Center, during these Rolli Days people could have the opportunity to visit the rural villas of important family from Genoa, built up in the surroundings of the city, with amazing view over the sea or the historical center itself. Today, much of them are public villas or museums, libraries, universities while their parks are the historical heritage of the city-parks. Visiting them together with the main buildings will allow a deep knowledge of the refined culture of living in. Will be allowed visits on May 30th and 31th the Villas in the west part of Genoa (among them Villa Doria in Pegli and Villa Duchessa di Galliera with its wonderful Italian garden) and on June, 1st and 2nd the Villas in the east part of Genoa (i.e.: Villa Grimaldi): while the famous Villa del Principe will be regularly open during all the Rolli Days. The Rolli Days represent also an occasion to share the cultural and artistic heritage of the city. Students, with their enthusiasm, will be a young welcoming people for all citizens and tourists that will visit Palaces and Villas during these 4 days. Involved over 150 students from the Superior Schools of the city. Source: (in Italian)  
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