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corniglia_1The village of Corniglia differs substantially from the others of the Cinque Terre thanks to its elevated position above the sea. It is located on a cape, a terrace on the sea, like that of Volastra, a hundred or so metres above the sea, which descends steeply and is inaccessible from the sea. To reach it one has to climb the ‘Lardarina’, a long series of steps in brick: 33 flights totalling 377 steps; there is also a road that leads from the railway to the village. The village layout of Corniglia also differs from that of the other villages: the houses cornigliaare shorter, only recently have floors been added, making them similar to those of inland villages. The residential area develops along the main road, via Fieschi; on one side the houses look on to the opposite side of the street and on the other, they look out onto the sea. Of Corniglia’s fortifications some remains survive of a stronghold dating back to 1556, on a cliff plunging into the sea. From a document dated 1276 there is news of a castle of which there remains no trace.

A tourist’s perspective: Corniglia is a quiet pleasant place; just a little bit convenient to the sea, by reason of the elevated location, but on the other hand the views are spectacular from many points of it.

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  • Hanging Garden

    Via Alla Stazione 14, Corniglia

    Score from 60 reviews   9.0/10 9.0

    Hanging Garden offers self-catering accommodation with free WiFi in the Cinque Terre Nati...Book now»

  • Affittacamere Le Terrazze

    Via Fieschi 102, Corniglia

    Score from 354 reviews   8.8/10 8.8

    Affittacamere Le Terrazze is located in Corniglia inside the Cinque Terre National Park. ...Book now»

  • Rossi Tramonti sul Mare

    Via Fieschi 206, Corniglia

    Score from 59 reviews   8.9/10 8.9

    Rossi Tramonti sul Mare is just a 15-minute walk from Corniglia Train station, with links...Book now»

  • Appartamento Isola

    Via Serra 12, Corniglia

    Score from 43 reviews   9.0/10 9.0

    Located in Corniglia, in the heart of the UNESCO Cinque Terre National Park, this apartme...Book now»

  • Splendida Casa di Corniglia 5-Terre

    Via Lardarina 7 , Corniglia

    Offering sea views and free WiFi, Splendida Casa di Corniglia 5-Terre is a three-bedroom ...Book now»

  • Daa Maduneta

    Via Fieschi, Corniglia

    Score from 29 reviews   9.4/10 9.4

    Daa Maduneta is situated in Corniglia, in the heart of the UNESCO Cinque Terre National P...Book now»

  • B&B Da Beppe

    Via Serra 2, Corniglia

    Score from 182 reviews   8.9/10 8.9

    Set in the Cinque Terre National Park, B&B da Beppe is located in Corniglia, 200 metr...Book now»

  • Sole Terra Mare

    via serra 20, Corniglia

    Score from 29 reviews   9.3/10 9.3

    Sole Terra Mare is situated in Corniglia, 500 metres from Cinque Terre. Guests can enjoy ...Book now»

  • Il Mulino Incantato

    Via della Serra, s/n/c, Corniglia

    Score from 25 reviews   9.1/10 9.1

    Boasting sea views, Il Mulino Incantato features accommodation with a garden and a terrac...Book now»

  • Corte Del Gallo

    Via Alla Stazione 27, Corniglia

    Score from 279 reviews   9.0/10 9.0

    Located 1 km from the centre of Corniglia, part of the Cinque Terre coastal region, Corte...Book now»

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