How to prepare at best to walk along the path of Cinque Terre? The hiker’s handbook by Arbaspàa Tour Operator

Cinque Terre, what a passion! A charming land full of treasures, chosen by million of tourists each year, from all over the world, named by Unesco World Heritage: beaches, rocks, colored houses, villages, castles, churches, ancient buildings, paths, cliffs, vineyards in the typical terraces. A multicolored world that you can know in the better way […]

The holiday is starting: the tour maps of Arbaspàa, the specialist of incoming, are arriving!

After choosing the Cinque Terre for your stay, the countdown for your arrival has started: you will admire the pastel-colored houses, you will explore magnificent vineyards on the famous terraces with dry stone walls, you will be breathless on the overhanging viewpoint, you will have a swim in the waters that have nothing to envy […]

Tips for travelers of Arbaspàa Tour Operator - Chapter 1: How to reach Lerici, San Terenzo and Porto Venere ... by bus, ferry, car, bicycle and taxi

Liguria of Levante and Alta Toscana, what a passion! Two beautiful lands full of treasures, that wait to be discovered. During your stay here, you may need some suggestions that can simplify your travels and help you to live new experiences in the best way. Beaches, paths, cliffs, countryside, cities, villages: a varied world that […]

Aria Festival in Vernazza: Musica Nuda and other surprises in the Cinque Terre village, Friday, December the 22nd

An appointment among the most beloved of the Cinque Terre, which returns during the Christmas holidays: Aria Festival, the event dedicated to live shows in unconventional outdoor locations, in some of the most beautiful places in the area of La Spezia. On Friday December 22nd at 9 pm, in the former Church “dei Frati” – […]

A new association to pass on the magic of Manarola's nativity scene. Soon, its inauguration

For 2017, the bad weather and the weather alert have forced to postpone the magic of Manarola Nativity a few days after, but this incredible and unique representation, considered the largest in the world, will be switched on with great probability during the next week end.The 15,000 light bulbs that form over 300 figures, mixing […]

"Cinque Terre – Vigneti con vista mare (Vineyards with sea view): the new edition of Catherina Unger's, Arbaspàa Tour Operator owner, photo book

In the beauty of the Cinque Terre, in their people and in their landscapes, Catherina Unger founded a second home: the ideal place to develop the work and passions of her life, especially the photography. One of her most beautiful projects pay homage to this territory and one of its most precious products, the grape: […]

Take home with you the atmosphere of the Cinque Terre: in December, take part in the Photographic Travel's workshop

The Cinque Terre are a magical territory, unique in the world: the clear blue sea, steep rocks, terraces and dry walls with which man has given new shape and life to the ridges, luxuriant nature, pastel colored houses in breathtaking locations, wines and flavors make a stay in these places an unmatched experience. How to […]